Radio uses various transmission channels: analogue signals on FM, longwave, mediumwave and shortwave, digital radio (DAB, DMB, DRM) and live streams over the Internet. There is still room for improving all these channels, or even combining them. We provide innovative data services for developers and suppliers of in-car entertainment systems, for a greater reception experience in the car.


Our team has extensive experience in fixed and mobile radio reception – on FM, digital radio (DAB) and AM. We provide services e.g. for the definition of test routes and test scenarios, we provide and process data, evaluate results and provide recommendations.

Station logos

The displays of state-of-the-art in-vehicle multimedia systems provide sufficient screen space for a station or program logo. Drivers will easily recognize the station that they tuned to. We are able to provide stations logos and implementation services.

Station landscape

Radio reception depends on many factors, the topographic situation being the most stable. A precise knowledge of the expected reception conditions is important not only for test drives, but also for innovative receiver concepts, improving the reception experience of FM (RDS), DAB and internet radio. We provide and evaluate various sets of data.

Bayern 2+SvcF-DAB

Curious to know which “Hard links” are actually on the air, where to find them, and what their targets are? Need to find working “Soft links” for testing ?

A recent inventory has shown that there is a wide spectrum of Service Linking information on the air, all over Europe.

We are monitoring the FIGs of many ensembles, focussing on:

  • FIG 0/6 Service Linking Information
  • FIG 0/21 Frequency Information
  • FIG 0/24 OE Services

All relevant information is stored in a relational database and associated with Ensemble and Service data as well as FM RDS PI data for quick reference.


We do also monitor FIG 0/18 Announcement support and other relevant FIGs.


Contact us for more information about the database and potential applications!