Many new features have emerged in modern in-car entertainment systems and are now available to the wide public. The combination of navigation, car-radio and multimedia provides new possibilities for radio listening in mobile environments.

Station logo service

The graphical logo of a radio station / program is important for brand recognition and marketing in general. The listeners gets a visual feedback about the station / program he is actually listening to. Our station logo service is free for broadcasts. We take care of getting your logo displayed when your station is received.

Station data service

Not too long ago, radio listeners had to know the exact frequency to find  their favourite radio station on the dial. RDS has made things easier, with alternative frequencies being “sent” to the radio. Digital radio does not require classical tuning anymore. Equipment developers and innovative receiver concepts still need technical details about who is transmitting where and what. We take care of gathering the data and getting it to whoever needs to use them.


These services are free for broadcasters. Station logos will be used only after contractual agreement.